Scenario-Based Design In The Context of Street Movement

2016 | Thesis presentation | Situated technologies research group | school of architecture and planning, state university of New York at Buffalo


An Alternative Perspective

Protesters within the resistance scenarios, this time, do not confront control tools; instead, they confront the scenarios behind them. Rather than trying to invent ad-hoc tools which are often weak in terms of technology, protesters try to act within different scenarios with different tools that are not designed to neutralized ‘tear gas’ but to neutralize the scenario of ‘chopping the crowd into segments’.

Method of Inquiry

Chopping [into segments]
Containment (Kettling)
Snatch Squad

Not another Tool explores the opportunities that social movements, in the recent decades present in terms of new spatial experiences. This trinity of resistance scenarios illustrate an alternative present, to become conscious of spatial processes which are yet less touched by designers and planners.

Not another tool’s ultimate goal is not to provide solutions for protesters to be successful in their practice of resistance. Instead, It seeks to propose new ways of thinking about resistance in more strategic levels. It also emphasizes the importance of a mixed design opportunity (mixed reality and social movements).

One: Internet “in” Things

Two: Packer

Three: Pigeon




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