I was first exposed to this topic back in 2016 when I was involved in the process of initiating the branch of a Swedish company Tehran. At the time I suggested a 100 square meter innovation space in the basement of the company’s building. Later on, with two interior designer fellows, I proposed the mood board of the following space to the board members and got their approval. This was my first attempt to plan and build an innovation lab. Unfortunately due to financial problems and change of priorities for the company the office building project and consequently the innovation…

This story is a brief synopsis of a thesis project submitted to the faculty of School of architecture and planning in the Situated Technologies research group in 2016. The Original title was “Not Another Tool: Designing Resistance Scenarios For Sustaining Street Movements In Response To Riot Control Scenarios”. This work was looking at civil disobedience as a never-ending social practice in a society in which computer code is woven into the fabric of everyday lives. The project used this as a design situation to access non-violent resistance scenarios in respond to authorities’ desire for controlling street movements.

2016 | Thesis presentation | Situated technologies research group | school of architecture and planning, state university of New York at Buffalo

New technologies have…

Caution: There are some spoilers about HBO TV series Westworld S03e03 in this story.

I usually don’t spend lots of time watching TV series. However, some are worth watching. One of which is another successful HBO series: Westworld. It is created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. In this short story, I want to draw a connection between technological improvements and the long path of storytelling backing them from years before. For this purpose, I decided to start from one of the greatest stories of today about AI.

In one inspiring episode of the series (S03E03), Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood)…

Mahan Mehrvarz

Product Designer & Strategist | MArch in Situated Technologies

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